Craft Room

Sunday, 26 December 2010


OMG - My wonderful husband has finally decided that it is OK to chop a bit off lovely step-sons bedroom to make me a craft room!!

His room will still be about 10ft x 13ft and my room will be about 61/2 ft x 13ft so, as you can see, his room was really big! And this will be a LOT cheaper than moving house!!!

I know its gonna be a while till we can get it done cos we have a few projects that we need to complete first but hopefully, by about Easter, I will be up and running woo hoo!!!

I will defo get back into blogging in a serious way then too because it is gonna make my life soooo much easier. I can't wait!

I don't know if anyone has been checking my blog anymore but hopefully when I'm up and running properly, I will get some more followers. I'm still making cards and will try to post now and again.

Until then, thanks for buzzin by, Donna x