Craft Room

Craft Room

Update - 5th July 2011

I have a craft room now!

Please click here to view the post with pics!


As you may (or may not) know, I do not have a craft room hence my lack of regular card making and posting! Well it's all about to change!!!!
I'M GETTING A CRAFT ROOM!!!! I did post about this a while back but money (and a few other happenings) put it all on hold but now it's all back on again - YIPPEE!!

My step son has a huge bedroom and we have decided to split it so I can have my room. We have had a radiator put in what will be Bens new (smaller) room and have had a lovely man come over to have a look to see what needs doing with regard to the wall and electrics. All we are waiting for now is a price from him and (all being well) when he can do it :))) Happy me!! I can't wait! I have a list for Ikea already made including an Expedit (is there a crafter without one??). Many pics to follow soon. (Hopefully!)

Donna x