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Friday, 3 June 2011


Sorry I haven't been around for a while. I have had such a busy time recently and was soooo looking forward to the half term holiday when I was going to get down to some long awaited crafting but then last Saturday I had a phone call that my mum had had a heart attack. Mum lives at the east coast so I can't just 'pop over' to see her so I have been quite worried as you can imagine. Me and hubby went over sat evening to see her in Louth and all was good. A mild attack, rest for 5 days then home - phew! Then the next day, its worse than they thought and they moved her to Castle Hill in Hull for a stent to be fitted. OK could have been worse! Then Monday, they do an angiogram instead of the stent and it's worse still and now mum has to have a triple bypass! I went (with my sis) to Hull Tuesday to see her and she was OK considering! Mum came home today with her sis looking after her and has to go back for the op in 2 months. So not much crafting done in the end!

Anyhow there is one card to show and a box frame but I've not taken the pics yet so I'll post them tomorrow.

Thanks for popping over.



  1. Thoughts are with you Donna, i just can't imagine what you are going through. xx

  2. My poor lovely, its so hard when you feel helpless, Take care and thinking of you, Hugs Sarah bx

  3. Oh dear Donna .. .. .. I'm sorry .. .. and there was me hoping you were away doing something nice.

    What a tough time you have had.

    I do hope your Mum is at least now comfortable whilst waiting for her operation.

    Love Jules xx


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