Craft Room

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Latest Craft Room News!

Well, I did all the painting the weekend before last and through the week and lovely hubby fitted the carpet on Saturday and then the fun bit - we went shopping to Ikea on Sunday!

Main part of my room

from the other end

main part again - the other side

close up of my carpet

Ikea goodies!

Expedit in its boxes

After a couple of hours of building - my husband calls me the flat pack queen - I love it!

The Antonius unit has already moved! I have another shelving unit in this gap now and have moved the antonius round near the desk.

Hubby has also now fitted my blind up and put some Bygel rails up too.

After these pics were taken, I moved all my stash up into my room and tonight have been sorting it all out! Another night on it tomorrow and hopefully it will be done and I can start crafting again!

Thanks for looking.


  1. great, love the big shelving unit and the desk is fab. Where is the yellow though? It looks black and white? Can't wait to see the fully kitted out pics. moving the stash in must have been fun.

  2. wow Donna it looks fab, I have to admit to being jealous as it's bigger than mine and white and bright and tidy! Show us a pic once you've got your stash out all over the place and prove I'm not the only messy one!!!

  3. you need to update us now with the working room now that it's up and running.


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