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Monday, 11 April 2011

Less Is More week 10

This week over at LIM, we are challenged to make a one layer card with the focus on the sentiment. Now that's what you call a challenge!! Anyway, I gave it a go and this is my card.

I've stickled the heart shapes within the sentiment and added the the rhinestone swirl because the card looked really bland without something in the corner!!

It's not quite as CAS as I normally do for this challenge, and there's possibly a bit too much bling, but fingers crossed it's still ok! I'm sure Chrissie and Mandi will let me know if it's not lol !!

I'm off work at the mo for Easter and so is my daughter so we've both made a few cards today. This is one of Chloe's makes.

I think she takes after me as she loves most kinds of craft as do I.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Fabulous cards - Chloe is following in her mother's footsteps I think

  2. I think it is beautiful....and your daughter's card is pretty, too!!!

  3. Donna, I love the touch of bling and stickles!!

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  5. I love that 'Hello Friend',
    Looking at it my initial reaction is that if the hears had a bit of colour I don;t think you'd need the swirls. or possibly trail them from the larger heart. you know me and gems!
    Having said al that I like your card!!
    Thank you Donna
    Less is More

  6. Lovely cards made by you and your daughter xx

  7. I'm sure that the twinkle shows up beautifully in reality, but I scarcely noticed it in the pictures until I read your description... we are not ganging up on you (honestly) but I do tend to agree with Mandi that maybe a little touch of colour in the hearts may have given it a little more pizazz, in which case as the sentiment is so large I would have preferred to have it more central.
    This is being nit-picking however as your card was great to start with!
    Chloe should start joining in our challenges too, her card is super!
    Enjoy the rest of your week!
    "Less is More"

  8. Fab card, love the sentiment x


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