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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Sticky Blobs!

Yesterday, my daughter Chloe and I made 'sticky blobs' - they turned out great so I thought I'd share.

Cooling down

Close up
They are a bit like a rock cake in that they are a bit firmer on the outside and all soft and yummy in the middle - and then a lovely dollop of jam baked in the centre! Yum!

Thanks for buzzin by, Donna x


  1. Yummy Donna.
    My daughter is having a go at alsorts of baking and cooking (she's 19) and has always helped me around the house, but cooking was never her speciality (unlike my son who can cook great).
    But now she has been courting for the last four years to the same boy I think she realises she may have to do it for real one day!!
    These are right up their street, anything sweet, sticky and oven baked!! Will show them to her..
    Lovely... Debbiexx

  2. yummm these look I am feeling hungry! Hugs Juls


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